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    It’s 2 AM and this is the funniest thing i have ever seen in my life. Tears are streaming down my face. 

    Who thought this would be a good mashup? And why?

    this is terrific you nerds

    I hate everything


    I didn’t see any many galaxy/nebula brushes floating around, so I made my own! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧  Hope someone find it helping ;v;

    You have to add detail and effect by self, but it’s pretty easy!! Maybe I make tutorial on it later ;v;

    I suggest detail and blend layers on luminosity or addition!! Use bright colours!


    I suggest using a watercolour brush on following sets:

    Size: 26.0

    Min size: 60%

    Density: 100%

    Spread: 50%

    (No Texture)

    Blending: 50

    Dilution: 50

    Persistence: 80

    Keep opacity: yes

    Smoothing Prs: 50%

    +Advanced Settings:

    Quality: 2

    Edge Hardness: 0

    Min Density: 0

    Max Dens Prs: 100%

    Hard <-> Soft: 100

    Dens: Yes Size: Yes Blend: Yes


    I suggest using a brush on the following sets:

    Size: 100.0

    Min size: 3%

    Density: 54%

    Spread: 100%

    (No Texture)

    Blending: 49

    Dilution: 0

    Persistence: 80

    Keep opacity: no

    +Advanced Settings:

    Quality: 2

    Edge Hardness: 0

    Min Density: 10

    Max Dens Prs: 49%

    Hard <-> Soft: 0

    Dens: Yes Size: Yes Blend: No


    Every Main Character Magical Girl

    Dec. 1966- Aug. 2014